• How to connect the code scanning gun with the purchase, sales and inventory software

    The code scanning gun is a bar code recognition device. Some can scan two-dimensional codes and one-dimensional codes. Using the code scanning gun in the purchase, sales and inventory software to scan the warehousing and warehousing code is the most basic operation. How to connect the code scanning gun in the warehouse software?   First, we need to connect the code scanning gun to the USB interface of the computer. There are also some wireless code scanning guns. We just need to plug the receiver into the computer. Wired and wireless are used in the same way, but they are connected differently from computers. After connecting the computer, you can use it directly without installing any driver software. We can test and scan the bar code of any commodity on word, notepad and other software on the computer. If we can scan the digital string of the barcode, it means…

    Company Profile, News 2022年4月25日
  • Professional production line

    Let me show you Sycreader’s production line, workers are rushing to produce a large order, we are a professional barcode scanner factory! Feel free to contact me at anytime to inquire.

    Industry information, News 2022年3月11日
  • How to choose the right barcode scanner

    The bar code technology is introduced into the logistics and express industry, and the work and business of various links such as receiving, sorting, distribution and delivery are integrated through the express code scanning gun, so as to realize intelligent work and management. Key data such as time point and responsible person of each link are collected in real time and transmitted to a unified information platform. Management personnel can view and manage through the background, and customers can also view real-time logistics tracking information. It is efficient and convenient, which not only greatly improves logistics operation efficiency, reduces costs, but also improves user service experience and improves satisfaction. Application scheme of express scan code gun in logistics express industry 1. Warehouse management: The express scan code gun can effectively, accurately and intelligently carry out automatic information identification, collection, recording and data management for warehousing, inventory and outbound, and realize…

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