The bar code technology is introduced into the logistics and express industry, and the work and business of various links such as receiving, sorting, distribution and delivery are integrated through the express code scanning gun, so as to realize intelligent work and management. Key data such as time point and responsible person of each link are collected in real time and transmitted to a unified information platform. Management personnel can view and manage through the background, and customers can also view real-time logistics tracking information. It is efficient and convenient, which not only greatly improves logistics operation efficiency, reduces costs, but also improves user service experience and improves satisfaction. Application scheme of express scan code gun in logistics express industry 1. Warehouse management: The express scan code gun can effectively, accurately and intelligently carry out automatic information identification, collection, recording and data management for warehousing, inventory and outbound, and realize fast query and statistics for relevant information. 2. Distribution management: pick up goods from orders, transport goods, assign tasks and deliver goods by deliverers. Data collection and transmission are carried out in the whole process through the express scanning code gun, so that managers and customers can master the logistics information of express in real time. 3. Receipt management: Delivery personnel can quickly record customer receipt information and upload it in real time by express scanning code gun, which is convenient for statistics and inquiry of accounts receivable, and confirm and deal with abnormal conditions such as return and rejection.
How to choose the right barcode scanner
What functions should the express scan code gun have? How to buy it? 1. Protection level: The use environment of the express scan code gun is relatively bad, dusty and easy to fall, so the express scan code gun used in the express industry should have dustproof, fall resistance and other characteristics, and should have a higher industrial protection level. 2. Scanning speed and stability: the express industry has a large volume of business, high intensity and high frequency of use, and high requirements for the scanning speed and stability of the express code scanning gun. 3, easy to identify all kinds of bad bar code: express in the process of transportation and transfer, the bar code is vulnerable to damage, express scan code gun needs to easily deal with all kinds of bad bar code, such as broken, folded, stains of the bar code. 4, long battery life: high intensity use, express scan code gun battery durability requirements are high, and can save the battery procurement cost of enterprises. 5, light and portable, comfortable grip: the humanized design of the express code sweeping gun is light and portable, comfortable grip, so that the salesman can reduce hand discomfort and improve work efficiency in the process of work. Siyuan innovation is a domestic professional high-tech research and development and production integration of science and technology enterprises, its research and development of handheld terminals, support one-dimensional bar code/two-dimensional code scanning, RFID radio frequency identification, UHF, NFC reading, DPM reading and other data collection methods. IP67 high industrial protection grade, widely used in logistics, transportation, manufacturing, retail, medical, financial, government public, agriculture and animal husbandry and other fields.

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